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With today’s modern lifestyle, it doesn’t matter if your home is old or new – you can face a variety of electrical issues as a homeowner. These issues are not only inconvenient, but they can present serious safety hazards if they are not handled in a timely manner. 

Since 1988, Christianson Electric has partnered with homeowners to provide complete electrical services, from simple electrical repairs to complete home rewiring. We fully understand the importance of a properly functioning electrical system in your home and are equipped with the leading technologies to meet your most unique home electrical needs.

Your partner for projects of all sizes, we are committed to on-time and reliable service, offering the following home electrical services in the Twin Cities metro:

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Residential Service Upgrades

If your home was built more than 40 years ago, it may not be equipped to handle today’s modern lifestyle of multiple televisions, computers, mobile devices, gaming systems, etc. With this electricity usage, upgrading your electrical system is important to ensure your home remains safe and compliant. When you work with Christianson Electric, our team provides a smooth and timely residential service upgrade that will enhance both convenience and safety in your home for many years to come.

Complete Home Wiring

Every home has a complete electrical wiring system that is made up of multiple elements. As a homeowner, you are likely very familiar with the monthly electric bill that this system produces. This bill can be costly, especially in larger homes with more family members, so it’s important you have a top of the line system to help reduce costs. At Christianson Electric, we are equipped with the latest technologies and will get the job done quickly and accurately, helping you upgrade your home and minimize costs.

Remodeling / New Installations / Rewiring

If you have decided to remodel a room, multiple rooms, or your entire home, a major component of the process is the electrical system. In all homes, historic and new alike, it is important to update the electrical wiring and system. This not only ensures your home is protected, but it allows you to enjoy your newly remodeled space as soon as it’s completed. At Christianson Electric, our team partners with homeowners on projects of all sizes, working to increase the efficiency and safety of your home and electrical system.

Electrical Code Corrections

If you are looking to buy or sell a home, it is common to run into some wiring and electrical issues that need to be resolved first. At Christianson Electric, we partner with homeowners and realtors to upgrade a variety of electrical code violations, working to promote safety and proper electrical system operations.

Full List of Residential Electrical Services

  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Recessed & Track Lighting
  • Insurance Repairs
  • Sensor Lighting
  • Off-peak Wiring
  • Security Lighting
  • Hot Tub Wiring
  • Code Corrections
  • Surge Protection

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