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Commercial and multifamily buildings present a variety of complex electrical needs. For instance, an office or apartment building must be well lit, comfortable, and most importantly, secure and consistently powered. When either are faced with electrical issues, employee’s productivity can suffer, while your tenant’s day-to-day can be impacted.

Christianson Electric has a dedicated team of licensed electrical electricians that serve a wide commercial market in the Twin Cities metro. Providing commercial electrical repair, install, and maintenance since 1988, we understand the unique needs of businesses and guarantee electrical services that accommodate business schedules. 

Your partner for projects of all sizes, we are committed to providing superior value at competitive prices, offering the following commercial electrical services:

Our Services

Lighting Retrofits

If your business could benefit from saving energy and reducing overhead costs, you should consider a lighting retrofit. This simple process entails upgrading your light fixtures throughout your entire office or facility. This will not only increase energy efficiency, but it improves employee productivity and the customer’s overall experience. At Christianson Electric, our team delivers a quick and accurate lighting upgrade, ensuring all business operations continue accordingly.

HVAC Wiring, Power & Controls

In Minnesota, the office always seems to be unbearably warm or flat out freezing, there is no in between. This not only causes discomfort for you and your employees, but it has been proven to impact productivity. Usually, this issue is due to the RTU (roof top unit) HVAC system. At Christianson Electric, we partner with HVAC contractors to repair or install RTU wiring, ensuring your business has a properly functioning heating and cooling system.

Specialty & Equipment Receptacles

When you run a medium to large commercial operation, you rely on specialty equipment. Generally, this equipment is large, technically advanced, and has more intense amperage. When it malfunctions or breaks down, it not only can halt production, but can pose serious safety hazards. At Christianson Electric, our team can help keep business operations running smoothly by upgrading your electrical systems with specialty receptacles.

Office Build-outs

Whether your business is moving locations, or you are expanding your current location, it is likely electric system reconfiguration or updates will be required to meet your specific business needs. At Christianson Electric, our team specializes in electrical construction and delivers quality work on projects of all sizes. From wiring and circuitry, lighting installation and relocation, and more, we can help streamline your business operations.

Full List of Commercial Electrical Services

  • Timers
  • Heat Tape
  • Sensor Lighting
  • RTU Wiring
  • Parking Lot/Outdoor
  • Maintenance Work
  • Security Lighting
  • Surge Protection
  • Emergency & Exit Lighting

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